Gravitek Engineering Services, PLLC.

Engineering Management Services

Full Engineering and Design Management Services
for Houston, TX
(and the Surrounding Areas)

We partner with various engineering and design specialists to bring you a complete design package.
We can make recommendations or manage your entire engineering and design scope.  Our staff and partners have the capability to provide full design services and to oversee and manage the full design process from site prep to final inspection. We serve Katy, TX; Houston, TX; College Station, TX and the surrounding area.



We are focused on adding value for our clients.  This is why we team up with local architects to provide a complete design package.  
Our design process and drawings are developed with the client along with design coordination and layered quality control between architecture and engineering, that reduces hidden costs and greatly improves project value and client satisfaction.
This process includes:
  • Building Use, Function and Space
  • Master Planning
  • Site plan development
  • Floor plan and Elevations
  • Material Selection
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Schematics and Renderings
No matter your style and function, we have an architectural partner dedicated to your needs.


Our Geotech partners can provide site specific soil testing as well as construction phase testing on site.
A site specific geotechnical investigation is generally recommended for foundation design to evaluate subsurface soil conditions unique to each site.  
A geotechnical investigation will involve drilling soil boring(s) and performing soil lab tests for soil at the site location of where the structure will be built.
These tests determine design values for foundation design, such as:
  • Soil type, stratum and behavior
  • Vertical and lateral bearing strength  
  • Groundwater table 
  • Potential vertical rise
  • Ideal foundation type and design parameters
The structural engineer uses this information to design the most efficient and reliable foundation for the intended building function.


Civil Engineering relates how a new or existing structure and site pad interacts with the surrounding community and terrain.  We use Civil Engineers for Site Development works, including:
  • Surveying and Platting
  • Site Planning
  • Drainage and Detention 
  • Storm and Sanitary Sewers
  • Utilities
  • Rights-of-way and Easements
  • Paving and Flatwork Design
Communication is key!  Our partners work closely with our architects, engineers, and city planners from concept design through completion to assure the most economical and feasible design possible.


MEP: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing.
We have you covered!  Our MEP Engineers understand Code Compliant Design.
  • HVAC Plans
  • Electrical Wiring Schematics
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Lines and Utility Schematics
  • Code Compliance
  • Energy Efficient Design

Turn to Us for Your Engineering and Design Needs

GRAVITEK maintains a paramount responsibility for technical and safety requirements and assumes responsibility to ensure conformance to the contract requirements, applicable specifications, and codes and standards pertaining to structural engineering. 
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