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Windstorm Inspections


GRAVITEK is ready to help your project meet high wind design criteria for a safe and insurable structure. In the event of any major hurricane, hail or windstorm, insurance on your home or business may be a necessity.
All Inspections shall be conducted by a Texas registered professional engineer   
*Windstorm inspections allow for wind and hail insurance coverage, over applicable structures located in 14 First Tier Counties along the Texas Gulf Coast, encompassing counties such as Galveston or any of the Counties displayed in the STATE DESIGNATED CATASTROPHE AREAS.
ALL Windstorm Engineers are TDI Qualified.
1. Windstorm Inspections for Ongoing Improvements, i.e. Constructions for new structures, Alterations, Remodeling, Enlargement, Repairs, Additions.
2. ALL buildings constructed, altered, remodeled, enlarged, repaired, or added to on or after January 1, 1988, must meet the applicable Building Codes for its area in the Designated Catastrophe Areas, in order to be eligible for windstorm insurance through the TWIA.
3. To obtain Windstorm Certification (WPI-8) for an Ongoing Improvement, Contact Us to assign an engineer to your project, BEFORE beginning any constructions, repairs, or alterations.  Some types of repairs may be minor or involve only a small portion of the structure and do not require a WPI-8. TDI’s website provides a list of repairs that do not require an inspection, please call the TDI Windstorm Field Office at +1 (800) 248-6032.
4. The assigned engineer will submit form WPI-1, Application for Certificate of Compliance, to begin the process.  This should happen BEFORE construction begins.  
5. For Ongoing Improvements, i.e. Structures beginning construction, we will require the following independent inspections at a minimum, repeat inspections may be necessary to close-out any non-compliance items:
  • Foundation Rebar Make-up / Pre-pour Concrete
  • Rough Framing / Uplift Connections
  • Architectural Facade / Components and Cladding / Glazing
  • Mechanical Attachments / Windborne Debris Protection
6. We will deliver a Letter of Compliance and punch-list to the client with each inspection, with a Final Letter of Compliance at close-out of all pending noncompliance items.  
7. Once all inspections are complete, the assigned engineer will submit the WPI-2-BC Inspection Form to TDI.
8. Once all of the paperwork has been submitted by the assigned engineer, TDI will issue and post the WPI-8 Certificate of Compliance form. This process typically takes 4-6 weeks.


  • Structures must be designed by a Texas registered professional engineer, and have associated Design Drawings stamped by a PE, meeting the TDI Building Specifications and Approved Products (or equivalences) for the designated wind speed and wind zone.
  • ALL material substitutions or design changes, i.e. variations from design drawings, in the field will need approval by the design engineer prior to Windstorm Compliance Certification. Without designer engineer’s approval, our registered engineers are qualified to certify material and design changes, providing wind load calculations, material evaluations and a written Letter of Compliance.
  • We do NOT perform inspections on structures without stamped engineered drawings or calculations.  In case stamped engineered drawings are not available, contact one of our engineers to assure the design is in accordance with TDI requirements.
  • We do NOT perform inspections on Completed Improvements, as we are unable to visually check code compliance of the structure; however, we DO RECOMMEND speaking with our engineer to discuss possible options for Inspection & Certification.  For more information on Completed Improvements,

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